8 Helpful Products Every Well-Stocked Vehicle Has


Even those who enjoy the rain need a break from it at some point. When it comes to finding shelter from the rain, one of the few things that does the job (aside from a car, of course) is an umbrella. Having one stocked in the car is a great way to minimize the shower taken from a short walk outside of the car in a heavy rainstorm. For their relatively small size, umbrellas come with a great degree of utility, meaning it’s a good idea for a driver to keep one stocked in the car at all times.

Mobile Device Charger

In this day and age, since people are so dependent on their mobile devices, it would prevent certain small catastrophes to have a mobile device charger within reach at all times while driving. This way, drivers can ensure that they will always have an outlet to the outside world without their devices suddenly failing on them. Of course, if the driver plans to operate the device as it charges, it’s important to remember not to flip through the phone’s screen while driving the vehicle.


A blanket can be an extremely useful thing to have on an unexpected, cold night where the driver has no choice but to sleep in the car. Additionally, passengers who will be in the car for a while will be very thankful of having a blanket to get comfortable with on the road.

Spare Change

Whether it’s for ordering a drive-through coffee or filling in the balance of a parking meter, spare change is small to carry and comes in handy quite often.

Paper and Pencil/Pen

There are few things worse than having to jot down vital information when there is no pen or paper in sight. Thankfully, savvy drivers of Anaheim’s Nissan Frontiers won’t allow themselves to confront this issue while in their vehicles. It takes virtually no effort to keep a paper and writing instrument stocked in the car’s glove box. If not used to take vital notes, these come in handy as doodling tools when the driver is waiting in his or her car for a long period of time.

Paper Towels/Tissues

It would take too long to list the variety of potential uses for a paper towel or set of tissues in a vehicle. It’s best to simply conclude that read more a driver should keep these as car inventory at all times.

Window Breaker and Seatbelt Cutter

No one wants to be put in the situation of desperately needing a window breaker or seat belt cutter when there are none around. These items are extremely affordable, are small to stock, and can mean the difference between life and death in certain situations.


While keeping a modest stash of snacks in the vehicle can potentially also be the difference between life and death, sometimes, drivers just want to eat a granola bar while making their way to work.

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